Treatment for arthritis and digestion

February 07, 2019

Client: Robert, Age 50, Dance Teacher, London


I highly recommend the Ayurvedic remedial work that Jess offers. The supplements and dietary advice she has offered me has dramatically improved my health and well being. The treatment plans that she has devised for me are specific to my needs and explained clearly with kind encouragement.

Treatment for healthy eating, sleep and hormonal balance

June 09, 2019

Client: Ani, Age 34, Kindergarten teacher, London


I don’t know where to begin writing about why I would recommend Jess. I started the treatment with little faith in it and I became a believer. I have changed so much because of her help and support. I never thought something so simple could make just a big difference. I went to see Jess to get some help with my relationship with food and not only received help and support around that (no more cravings for unhealthy food) but we were also able to attack other issues like nightmares and hormonal imbalance. Jess is caring, loving, thoughtful and has a wonderful calming energy. I also received a message that has made a huge difference in healing past trauma. I suggested it to friends who are also doing the treatment now with good results as well. Jess made me feel safe and she truly listens to what you have to say. I’ll be forever grateful.

Treatment for digestion, low energy and acne

May 30, 2019

Client: Zia, Writer, London


Jessica's treatment transformed my health within days. She is kind and intuitive and has a breadth of knowledge about wellbeing through food. Before I saw Jessica, I had been dealing with months of bloating, inability to eat & digest most foods, gaining weight, intermittent chronic fatigue, headaches/migraine, skin acne and generally very low energy. Within days of her first treatment, I had a significant improvement in energy and was able to digest my food much more easily. Within 2 weeks I was metabolising better, was enjoying my food again, digestive system, I was steadily losing weight and my skin acne was going down. Within a month I was almost back to full health after months of struggle. She is an excellent diet/food diagnostician and offers a comprehensive food plan which in my case will be a foundation for much longer-term health and wellbeing. I recommend her as offering a much more intuitive, natural and systemic assessment of the kinds of ailments that your local GP might not be able to resolve through prescription drugs.

Treatment for arthritis

February 05, 2018

Client: Somerset, Age 38, Teacher, London


I am 11 weeks into my Ayurveda journey and I'm so grateful I found Jess. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 8 years ago. 4 years into my diagnosis, the disease was under control with the help of a combination of toxic drugs. At that point I decided I wanted to reduce my meds and try and change my diet and lifestyle to achieve it. 4 years on and I'm off all meds and it was under control, until June 2017, when my daughter had an accident and the stress triggered arthritic symptoms in my hands and elbows. That's when I discovered Jess. It's not just the arthritis that she's helping me with. I'm sleeping better, my mood has improved, no more hot sweats at night and I'm a lot calmer. Jess always responds to my emails offering advice and her massages are amazing. I'd highly recommend her.


Ayurveda is so vast and there's so much to learn. I have felt quite overwhelmed at times but after a chat with Jess she reassures and guides me in the right direction. Every time we meet and chat I hope she continues to share her wealth of knowledge with me and explains further changes I can make to improve my symptoms.  

Treatment for Psoriasis

September 12, 2016

Client: John, age 32, Social Enterprise Director

Treatment: Psoriasis

"After around 3 months the skin condition almost completely cleared up, I’d say a 90% improvement."


I decided to try Ayurvedic treatment as I didn’t want to use medicated creams. I was prescribed a diet that involved cutting out certain foods and drinks. This was quite difficult initially as they tended to be all the foods that I most enjoyed! I was given suggestions for alternatives for my usual “go to” foods and this helped me develop a new routine. After around 3 months the skin condition almost completely cleared up, I’d say a 90% improvement. I’m now able to re-introduce the foods which I most enjoy but I keep an eye out not to consume too much of the things I now know aggravate my skin condition so that it does not return. If it ever does, I feel like I am now more aware as to what will be making it happen.


Thank you.

Treatment for Migraines and Fatigue

August 14, 2017

Client: Sheona, Age 37, Charity Manager, London

For ten years I have suffered with severe migraines and fatigue as well as other issues- when Ayurveda medicine was recommended to me I have to be honest I was very cynical, I'm not really a big believer in alternative medicine and find it all a bit hippy. But as no other form of medication had helped and I felt desperate I tried it...

Treatment for eczema

October 10, 2016

Patient: Hannah, Age 70, retired charity worker, Cambridge

"I decided to try Ayurveda and was so pleased to find that the cream quickly cleared up my red itchy flaky skin."

I suffered from eczema for the last 15 years and have tried many different treatments prescribed by my GP during this time. Eczema had been extremely painful and also made me feel quite self- conscious at times.I decided to try Ayurveda and was so pleased to find that straight away the cream quickly cleared up my red itchy flaky skin. I was also prescribed a diet which involved cutting out certain foods which were aggravating my skin condition and I have gradually incorporated these into my lifestyle which has helped keep eczema at bay.

Thank you very much for your help!

Treatment for baby eczema

January 12, 2017

Patient: Sally, Age 34, Finance Director, London 
Treatment: Baby Eczema

"We could see a difference in the severity of his condition after a couple of weeks. I also generally felt more balanced myself."

Our 4-month baby boy has eczema and we decided to try Jess's recommendations on changing my diet given I was exclusively breastfeeding him. We could see a difference in the severity of his condition after a couple of weeks. I also generally felt more balanced myself.

Jess's consultation gave me a deeper appreciation of how foods would affect our system. She is a very good listener and was very responsive to our questions. She even sent us recipes to try when we were creating our meal plans. 


It's worth giving Ayurveda a go, and Jess is a wonderful person to take you through it.

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