"...In the last month I have seen a breakthrough. I havent been off sick for ages, I very rarely get miagraines anymore..."

Treatment for Migraines and Fatigue
Patient: Sheona, Age 37 Charity Manager, London


"For ten years I have suffered with severe migraines and fatigue as well as other issues- when Ayurveda medicine was recommended to me I have to be honest I was very cynical, I'm not really a big believer in alternative medicine and find it all a bit hippy. But as no other form of medication had helped and I felt desperate I tried it.
It hasn't been and over night cure and many times I doubted if it was making a difference but in the last month I have seen a real break through. I haven't been off work sick for ages, I very rarely get migraines anymore and the other symptoms are clearing up as well. Jessica is great at encouraging you and listening to your symptoms and needs and adjusting where necessary. She offered recipes as I'm a lazy cook and time short. I really recommend her, she will encourage you when you feel like giving up and takes the whole journey seriously, which is refreshing after many a failed attempt with the NHS".